Stand up and walk

by Soul Driver

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"Stand up and walk" est un album Rock indé aux influences multiples (Rock, blues, metal, gothique, etc.)


released June 11, 2012

All musics and lyrics by Sylvain Taupe
All instruments and vocals by Sylvain Taupe
Mixed by Fernando Pereira Lopez
Mastered by Bruno Gruel
All Illustrations by Richard Kakko
Booklet design by Julien 'Sentinelle' Nguyen



all rights reserved


Soul Driver Paris, France

Soul Driver is a rock band with blues, metal, gothic influences. The first album "Stand up and walk" went out on june 2012.

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Track Name: Rock Dust
I was caught in a web
Got a spider wife hunting for a sucker to lure
She stole everything I had
And left a broken heart

Do you know what seems odd ?
Love is like a coin of gold with two faces and a blade
Be careful not to toss the wrong side
As hate will overwhelm you

Do you fear being lone ? No.
If each day you cry and feel a stress being with someone
Fear not to put an end to this nonsense
And get in search of the promised land
Track Name: Minor Blues
I was thirteen when I played
My first bass guitar and since then…
I found a way to express my deepest feelings yeah

I sometimes felt alone my friend
And you know how it goes insane
Inside my mind I feel a pain
I can’t express. I just have to play, play, play

There is so much hate down here
Bullshit and wars oppress me
I’m dying to talk to straight minded folks
Now Darkwave is rising

I spit the words you see
And loathe my hates… but thanks I’m fine
Oh, just let me please play this last song
And let the Darkwave rise !

There is something cold in me
There is something odd with me you can’t explain
Don’t trust your ears just open your heart
And let the Darkwave rise

Voice 1: Darkwave is rising…
Voice 2: Dark... Wave...
And Chaos…
Darkwave is rising
Track Name: Darkwave
A storm rises invading the sky,
It threats to bring us down
Might swallow us all
Winds blow and lightning strike
You might want to hide from the storm

I hope this Darkwave will take me
I beg it to heal my soul

Dark clouds have invaded my mind,
I’d swore, it has strengthen me up,
I spit the words and loathe my hates
You might want to hide from the storm

I hope this Darkwave will heal thee
Cause I’ve seen your soul, it’s sick

You know… The world now lies in flames.
And like sheep, they are running… they are running toward the cliff…
But down below awaits my big mouth hole.
I will eat them all,
‘cause you know I hate them all

The sun passes through the clouds and it shines
We should be aware that 'It' may rise again
The Darkwave awaits to eat someone
Track Name: Velvet Cat
I’ve got a cat,
Black velvet cat,
She’s sneaking out at night

She’s a shadow gliding under the moonlight
Her green wide eyes glowing in the night

She’s got sharp claws
Filed and pointed teeth
She is a skilled wild shadow

She’s a deadly starving hunter tonight
She will pounce on her harmless preys like a snake

My velvet goddess princess,
Black little witch I love,
Lays round my neck,
And inspires me

My felis muse whispers
And her hot licks sounds fill out the space
My felis bass roars like a felis silvestris
Her green wide eyes tell me tales ‘bout their tails
Track Name: Ride with the devil
Look in my eyes
What d'you see ?
A flame... it’s burning like hell
Would you join me for a ride ?
I promise... to be so gentle

You’d better watch for your back
All might end out of the beaten track

So you’ve decided to come, and now…
We are going to play a little game.
No, no, it won’t hurt...
Just kidding

Look in her eyes
What d’you see ?
A flame... She’s hot inside
Would you enjoy catching the tail
Of the devil,
I’ve got a huge break horse power

You’d better watch for your back
All might end out of the beaten track
Track Name: Fallen from grace
Had an angel circling above my head
Crushed this angel fallen from grace…

I do no trade with heaven and hell,
Please mister preacher grow up and then,
don't waste your time with heaven and hell
and acts for what's good

Do you think people feel well, making prayers ?
They are kneeling in front of an altar
Do they know... ha... it’s stained with blood ?

Do people have a goldfish memory ?
Should they accept any control of thoughts
It’s not just a choice between heaven and hell
You just live your life

Had an angel talking just next to my ear,
He asked me to draw my pants

You should not need any
Instructions, to care for our
fellow creatures. Don’t waste
your time talking to statues,
And act for what’s good

Every day…
Every day millions of people are sending their messages to the Lord.
And all are waiting for an answer…
Or a sign.
Shouldn’t they keep their time to help each others ?

Had an angel circling above my head
Crushed this angel fallen from grace…

Why waste your time with
heaven and hell
When evidence leads us the right way
Don’t waste your time wondering why
And think by your own.
Track Name: Nightmare
I see faces over me
They watch me
While I sleep
Their eyes are blank
Mouth are stitched
Now frozen hands are stroking me

Lord of Pain:
You’d better bow before me boy
Or I’ll make you suffer eternally
My evil tormentors await to rip your flesh.
You’d better choose the deal and I’ll make it stop

I hear voices in my mind
They are babbling while... while I sleep
Their sarcastic laughs accuse me
And now my tormented soul needs to rest

I see my body over me
A blazing light, abducts it
Now I’m running into a maze
Trying to escape this nightmare
Am I dreaming awake ?
Ô please Lord help me wake !
Track Name: Venitian wedding
My life has turned a little strange
Since my man’s mood changed
Switching from black to white
Bright to dark
Leaving salty trails on my back

Where is the boy with brown eyes
Who filled my life with roses without thorns
Made my heart bleed with joy
Track Name: Sands of time
So my hair is getting white
Now yellow leaves fall on my past
I think my bones will soon feed the worms
The sands of time are running low

I know I won’t reach heaven
I might have sin but even
I don’t feel no
No regret at all

Why should I head toward heaven
I don't believe and I don't need
Please let me lay and rest... Rest in peace.

But you grip my weak white hand
I feel your tears digging up my past,
But laughs have rotten to grins,
and haunt me now…
I will bring your love to the other side and your tears...
The sands of time are running low

We’ve walked together for so long,
We might have sin but even,
We don’t feel no,
No regret at all

We are two parts of a same piece,
It’s even harder to be torn apart from
You my dear love

[repeat 1st chorus]
Track Name: Army of darkness
Yes I’ve come to you babe
Behold, your king is back

May you want to know the truth,
Believe me,
I came through space and time to your realm,
Skull heads were hunting me,
Clenching their teeth on my neck,
I crushed bones and rotting corpses
And then I sent 'em back with magic
Damn, I didn’t plan to come along with ‘em to their lair

Here’s the deal you primitives souls
I’ll save ye all
With my mighty chainsaw and a scatter gun
I will blast their heads
I will return this damned book
And then you send me home
"Remember, said the elder, you have to speak the three words... to make it safe".
“Okay, maybe I missed one or two syllables, but basically... I said it...”

You know… I know I made a mess last time
But don’t give up my friends
Cause now comes the time to fight
To fight for your life
To fight for freedom

Mob: "We will follow you"